Our Dance Class Philosophy

Unless otherwise specified, all our classes are open to beginners. Whatever your definition of beginner is, you will fit in just fine. If it was up to us, we would do 12-16 week classes. However, most people are not ready to jump into a 16 week program and donate that much time without knowing what it entails. Also, some people just want to get by or get a taste of dancing. We understand that. This is why our classes are only 4 or 6 weeks long, but we hope you take them again and again. Taking a class for a second or third time is far from a waste of time. Each class is tailored as best we can to who is present. If a class has all new people, then it’s the very basics for 4 to 6 weeks. Usually we have a mix of new and return students and we teach more sophisticated elements and techniques to those who are returning. This mixture also allows the new students to benefit from the expertise of our “regulars” and progress faster.   You might have noted we do offer 12 week courses for our “dedicated” students!

Unless otherwise noted our classes run 50 minutes on the same day at the same time each week for 4 consecutive weeks (6 weeks for Parks Classes). Some instructors feel that students can only learn for about 30 or 40 minutes and we agree. However, the time students spend practicing under supervision is likely more important than the amount of time spent actually learning new things. We feel this practice time is too important to not provide it to our students.

The size of our classes is subject to the size of the teaching area and never allowed to be too big to give anything but superior instruction. Classes generally have an 8 person minimum. We reserve the right to cancel classes that are too small as it is not cost effective – so please bring your friends. Additionally, Melissa is not alone in her teaching. Wade is present for most group classes, and even though he is not an instructor, he is competent in all the dances taught. For all intents and purposes there are two instructors present giving you twice the attention.

Advanced classes are for dancers whom we have been taught several lessons already. Advanced classes will focus the techniques that make all of your dancing not only look better, but more importantly feel better. Advanced classes are NOT intended to totally replace our regular offerings, but rather to supplement them. If you think this class is for you please ask Melissa or Wade. These classes are also limited in size and sometimes cost a little more or require pre-registration. This is because of the intensity of the programs.

Quality of our instruction is second to none. At least that is what we are striving for with every lesson. One difference we try to make is teaching our groups as closely to the same way we would teach private lessons. Think of it as getting a 10 minute private and LOTS of supervised practice, rather than a whole lot of group instruction that you may or may not “get”. We try very hard to focus on each individual’s strengths and weaknesses and tailor as much as possible so that the most benefit is gotten at each lesson.

You do not need a partner to take any of our classes, unless specified otherwise. We rotate partners, giving everyone the chance to learn equally, avoid learning their partners weaknesses, and to gain from our “regulars” experience. We actually prefer having an extra leader or follower in class, as they can usually benefit greatly from time without a partner.   Rest assured that when a dancer has no partner during a rotation we have drills and exercises to keep them busy and improve their dancing.

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